The First James Bond Movie

The first James Bond movie is Dr. No, which was released in 1962 and stars Sean Connery. Interestingly, this wasn’t the first Ian Fleming novel to be made into a movie – that honor goes to Casino Royale in 1954, which didn’t have Bond in it.

More about, Dr. No, though….

James Bond is introduced to moviegoers as the top agent in Britain, code name 007, and he’s charged with solving the murder of a fellow agent. He heads to Jamaica where he encounters the “three blind mice,” a dangerous trio of assassins. James Bond girl Honey Ryder is introduced, (portrayed by Ursula Andress), along with a few James Bond gadgets, such as a self-destructing bag and a Geiger counter.

In Dr. No, James Bond’s primary task is to defeat the evil Dr. No who is planning to abort an American space mission with a radio beam weapon.

Critics didn’t exactly lavish praise on the first James Bond movie when it was released, but Dr. No has since gone on to become one of the most respected movies in the James Bond series.

Other interesting facts about the first James Bond movie:
•Dr. No was made for an estimated $1.1 million and went on to gross close to $60 million.
•The words “Bond…James Bond” was uttered for the first time in Dr. No and went on to become a famous catchphrase.
•The producers of Dr. No originally went after Cary Grant for the part of James Bond, but he wouldn’t agree to do more than one film, and they needed an actor who would agree to be part of the franchise.
•The first James Bond movie spawned 22 more James Bond movies, as well as an entire genre of spy films.

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